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Building on Bali: A Work Programme for the WTO

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Simon Evenett, Alejandro Jara, VOXEU/CEPR, 13 de diciembre de 2013

The successful conclusion of the Bali Ministerial Conference and its terrific reception in the international press and from government leaders means that the WTO now has the opportunity to restore its fortunes. This VoxEU eBook brings together 27 contributions from leading international trade experts and practitioners to identify a pragmatic, feasible, and comprehensive work programme for the WTO over the next four years.

Table of Contents


Executive Summary - Simon J Evenett and Alejandro Jara

Section 1: Strategic priorities for the WTO after Bali

How to Reassert the WTO’s Negotiating Authority - Stuart Harbinson

The Post-Bali Agenda - Gary Horlick

Multilateral Trade Cooperation post-Bali: Three Suggestions - Bernard Hoekman

Simplify and Complete the DDA - Clemens Boonekamp

APEC-like Duties for a post-Bali WTO - Richard Baldwin

Trade, Global Value Chains and the World Trade Organization - Grant Aldonas

Speaking Truth about Power: The Real Problem in the Multilateral Trading System - Craig VanGrasstek

Section 2: Recommendations for Specific Commercial Matters

The Rationale for Bringing Investment into the WTO - Anabel González

Depth and Breadth in the WTO: Can We Square the Circle? - Patrick Low

Revamping Aid for Trade for the post-Bali WTO Agenda - Jean-Jacques Hallaert

Moving Towards a Refined Special and Differential Treatment - Sébastien Jean

How can the Extent and Speed of Compliance of WTO Members with DSU Rulings be Improved? - James Flett

Developing Countries and DSU Reform - Marc L. Busch and Petros C. Mavroidis

A Post-Bali Agenda for Agriculture - Tim Josling

The WTO Negotiations on Agriculture: What Next After Bali? - Melaku Geboye Desta

The Quest for an Efficient Instrument in Services Negotiations - Patrick Messerlin

Unleashing Recognition in International Trade - Joel P. Trachtman

A Plurilateral Agreement on Local Content Requirements - Gary Hufbauer, Jeffrey Schott and Cathleen Cimino

Exchange Rates: Alien to the WTO? - Hector Rogelio Torres

Trade and Climate Change – Establishing Coherence - Laura Nielsen

Can the WTO Adapt to a World Where Everyone Is Empowered to Engage in Global Trade? - Usman Ahmed, Andreas Lendle, Hanne Melin and Simon Schropp

Cross-border Data Flows in the Post-Bali Agenda - Hosuk Lee-Makiyama

Strengthening The Rules On State Enterprises - Przemyslaw Kowalski

The Return of Industrial Policy: A Constructive Role for the WTO - Vinod K. Aggarwal and Simon J. Evenett

Export Restrictions - Marcelo Olarreaga

Technology Transfer for Sustainable Development - Keith E. Maskus

Mode 4: The Temporary Movement of Workers to Provide Services - L Alan Winters

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